In many ways, Plainview TX gives its residents the best of both worlds. You and your family get to enjoy all the peace and friendliness of small-town living while also having access to two major West Texas cities, Lubbock and Amarillo. But being conveniently close to the home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders gives you more than opportunities for fun and games -- it also puts you in easy reach of a top-quality eye and vision care. Here at The Vision Center, we're delighted to serve as Plainview's trusted optometry resource.


Why Plainview Families Turn to Our Clinic

Are you an avid watcher of KCBD, the Lubbock TV station? If so, then you already know that KCBD has named The Vision Center as "Best of the West" over multiple years. We've had plenty of time to build that trust, has been a fixture of the West Texas landscape since 1991. Our optometry team has even provided eye care services for the Texas Tech athletic department for the past quarter-century. Our wealth of experience and skill is matched by our personalized care, treating each patient as an individual and providing support and guidance as well as products and services. You and loved ones will appreciate our approach to caring for your eyes.

Our Plainview Eye Care Services and Techniques

Your eyes experience a lifetime's worth of development and changes over the years. That's why you need to know that your Plainview eye care provider can provide all the services necessary to keep up with those changes and help your eyes stay healthy and functional. Our Plainview optometry team can help with babies, school-aged kids, seniors, and everybody else. We offer:

  • Eye Exams - Your eyes may be harboring serious issues without your even knowing it -- but our comprehensive eye exams can identify those problems in time to provide prompt treatment. We also evaluate your eye function and visual acuity, recommending any care necessary to optimize your vision.
  • Eye Disease/Disorder Treatment - Eye problems can vary in symptoms and severity, from a routine case of "pinkeye" to sight-threatening macular degeneration, glaucoma or cataracts. But even the most serious conditions can be managed through skilled treatment. 
  • Computer Vision Care - Computer vision syndrome is an occupational/lifestyle hazard that causes eye fatigue and irritation. Our team can help you combat this problem without giving up your digital habits.
  • Sports Vision Therapy - Ultimate sharpness of vision can make all the difference in sports. We offer specialized sports vision therapy to help you achieve that goal.
  • Glasses and Contacts - We can fit you with gorgeous glasses in designer frames and/or fit you with the specific type of contact lenses that best suit your needs.

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