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What To Look For In Protective Sports Eyewear

What to Look for in Protective Sports Eyewear From Our Optometrists Near Lubbock

If you're interested in playing your preferred sport in a safer and better way, consider protective sports eyewear from our optometrists near Lubbock. Adults, teens, and children who like to spend time on the playing field can get expert advice on vision correction, eye health and eye protection here.

Our local TX vision center offers a wide range of options for protective eyeglasses for sports, as part of our commitment to quality eye care. Not only can protective sports glasses protect your sight and your eyes, they can also help you play at a higher level. While improving your game with clearer vision, protective sports eyewear can look great and be comfortable as well. 

protective sports eyewear from our optometrist in lubbock

Choosing the Best Protective Sports Eyewear for Your Needs

Our eye doctors in Lubbock recommend an annual vision exam, even if you think your vision is perfect. We help ensure you always have sharp vision, so you can play your sport well and enjoy it to the fullest. As part of our complete eye care services, we offer protective eyeglasses for sports.

Even if you don't need vision correction, wearing protective eyewear for sports is the best practice. Here's how to choose the right protective eyewear for your favorite sport. Your sports glasses should be:

  • Polycarbonate sports lenses or high-impact-resistant plastic lenses
  • Glare reduction and/or tinting
  • Frames that suit your sport’s protective needs
  • Properly fitted frames correctly sized to stay in place on your face/head
  • Padded at nose bridge and where they touch your face
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Wraparound (ideal for many sports)

Dangers of Not Wearing Eye Protection for Sports

Racquetballs travel up to 200 miles per hour and come from unexpected directions in this fast paced game. Other sports typically have similar danger from balls, rackets, other flying objects or flailing arms/fingers. If you fail to protect yourself with proper, specially designed protective sports glasses, you could risk:

  • Detached retina, which could result in blindness if not treated immediately
  • Fractured orbital bones (bones around the eyes)
  • Foreign object in the eye, dust blown by the wind, etc.
  • Damaged cornea, corneal tear
  • Damaged soft tissues in the eye
  • Eye muscle injury
  • And more

About Our Protective Frames for Sports

We offer eyeglass frames and lenses that are designed and properly fitted to protect your eyes and ocular/facial bones from the impact. Many products are tested to meet or exceed the strictest ASTM F803 standards. The American Society for Testing and Materials sets standards for sports glasses, including handball, golf, swimming or even fishing glasses.  

Get Quality Protective Sports Eyewear from Our Eye Doctors near Lubbock

Show you're serious about your sport and health--with protective eyewear from our optometrists near Lubbock, at The Vision Center of West Texas. Contact us for your eye exam or eyewear fitting at 806-793-1927 today.