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Visiting Your Eye Care Professional

Visiting Your Eye Care Professional in Lubbock, Texas

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At The VisionCenter of West Texas, we offer high quality care before, during, and after your vision exam. As part of this care, we want to teach you what to expect when you visit our eye care professionals in Lubbock. Whether you are a new patient of ours, an existing patient coming to us for a new service, or have any other eye care need, we hope this information helps you feel comfortable when visiting our Lubbock optometrist. 

What to Expect During an Eye Exam

For scheduling purposes, we recommend you allocate one hour for your eye doctor visit. During this visit, our eye care professionals will greet you, discuss any concerns you have, and perform a vision screening and eye health screening. As part of this, we may dilate your eyes to check eye pressure. High eye pressure can be an early indicator of glaucoma. 

We will check your vision including: near field, far vision, and side vision. Our eye doctors will perform tests that measure your visual acuity, eye tracking, eye teaming, and other visual skills. During the eye exam, we may find visual errors that need correction with glasses or contacts.

If we notice a health issue, such as high eye pressure, dry eyes, or signs of diabetes, we will discuss the issue with you and recommend next steps. We will always answer any questions you have during the exam, so do not be afraid to ask. 

If we adjust your prescription, we will have you select new glasses frames or we will fit you with new contacts. For your convenience, we carry a wide array of classic and popular frames. We can help you select a pair that flatters you or you are free to browse our frames alone! 

Visit your Lubbock Optometrist Regularly 

To best protect your eye health, we recommend that you visit our Lubbock optometrist office yearly. If it has been a while since your last eye exam, please call us at 806-793-1927 or complete the online appointment form to schedule your vision screening.