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Strabismus Treatment

Strabismus Treatment for Adults & Children in Lubbock

Strabismus is the medical term for miss-aligned or crossed eyes. When the muscles controlling eye movement are not perfectly coordinated, one eye (or both) may appear “off”.  One or both eyes may turn in toward the nose or out to the side or may appear to be looking up or down. Sometimes, it takes a professional, our eye doctor in Lubbock TX, to see the signs and diagnose the problem. 

Little girl getting checked for Strabismus.

Diagnosing Strabismus in Lubbock

This eye condition should ideally be diagnosed in early childhood at your Lubbock optometry clinic when it can most easily be corrected. You may notice your child or infant showing signs of eye misalignment periodically, especially when s/he is tired or not feeling well. In other cases, you may never notice the problem until years later, as your child begins to struggle in school.

Sometimes parents believe or are told, that their child has a learning disability when our optometrist in Lubbock later discovers that s/he just has a vision problem like strabismus, that can interfere with learning to read. This is one important reason why infants should have a vision checkup at our eye doctor in Lubbock TX. Early treatment can prevent strabismus from worsening and becoming a lazy eye.

Besides the appearance of miss-aligned eyes, people with strabismus may have double vision, headaches and/or eyestrain. They may also cover or close one eye, or tilt their head when trying to read, work on something at close hand or see in bright sunlight. If these symptoms are familiar, it's time for a visit to your eye doctor in Lubbock.

Types of Strabismus

There are many types of this eye condition, classified by:

  • The direction that the eyes turn
  • How often misalignment occurs (constant or intermittent)
  • Whether one or both eyes are affected (unilateral or alternating) 

Causes of Strabismus

Contributing factors that may cause various types of strabismus include:

  • Heredity
  • Uncorrected hyperopia (farsightedness)
  • Medical issues like stroke, head injuries, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome 

Treatment for Strabismus from Our Eye Doctor in Lubbock

Treatment for strabismus may include:

  • Eyeglasses or contacts to correct farsightedness
  • Eyeglasses with prism lenses
  • Vision therapy (eye coordination and focusing exercises)
  • Eye surgery

Contact Your Local Optometrist in Lubbock For More Information Today!

If you or your child shows signs of strabismus, or if your child has never had a vision exam, contact The VisionCenter of West Texas, your optometrist in Lubbock, TX for proper diagnosis and strabismus treatment. Contact our local Lubbock optometry center at 806-793-1927 today.