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Keep an Eye on Your Vision

Keep an Eye on Your Vision with the Help of a Lubbock Eye Doctor

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If it’s been so long since your last eye exam that you cannot remember when the visit took place, chances are you are long overdue for an appointment. Adults sometimes think that regular eye exams are just for children who already have glasses. This is natural, since kids keep growing and you would expect there to be some changes. However, adults also need to come in for regular checkups with their preferred Lubbock eye doctor.

Your Lubbock eye exam will determine if you have a disease of the eye, for example, or whether you require corrective lenses to see properly.

Protect Your Vision with Regular Eye Care

It’s crucial to make an appointment for eye care whenever there is a problem with your vision. You should know that your Lubbock eye exam professionals at The Vision Center of West Texas are standing by to check your vision and evaluate your ocular health. 

How Frequently Should You Visit the Optometrist?

Each person’s eye health situation will be different, but government experts recommend that every child should come in for at least one visit when 3 to 5 years old to check for amblyopia. Anyone with diabetes should make an appointment for a dilated eye examination once per year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you are over the age of 60 or if there is a family history of eye disease such as glaucoma, the CDC recommends you make an appointment every two years as well.

Whether you need your own vision checked or you have a child that requires an appointment for eye care with a Lubbock optometrist, there is no time like the present to make an appointment. For more information or to schedule your visit, please contact the friendly staff at The Vision Center of West Texas today.

Visit Our Lubbock Optometrist

Are you an adult who hasn’t been to see a Lubbock optometrist for a while now but you know you need a medical professional to evaluate you? What reason is prompting you to make an appointment? Please let our staff and fellow readers know, because your words might motivate someone who needs to see a Lubbock eye doctor to make a much-needed appointment too! Contact us to schedule an appointment today by calling us at (806) 793-1927.