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Vision Therapy: What It Is and How It Works

Vision Therapy: What It Is and How It Works

Did you know that we offer vision therapy at The VisionCenter of West Texas? This therapy may be the right solution to address vision problems that impact your ability to learn, focus, and be productive. Read on for more information about this all-ages eye care treatment method. 

Your Lubbock Texas Optometrist, Offers Vision Therapy

vision therapyVision therapy uses eye exercises to address adult and pediatric eye care needs. During sessions with our Lubbock optometrist, you will be taught multiple vision therapy lessons and we will address many vision problems that impact your ability to learn and to read. 

You may be a good candidate for vision therapy if you have problems with your vision that make information processing difficult. By retraining the way that your eyes process visual information, our optometrist can help you correct vision problems and interpret visual information. As a result, you will be able to read better and process information faster. For children, this can mean the difference between staying on track in school and falling behind their peers. 

How Vision Therapy Helps

We begin vision therapy treatments with an eye exam that will be able to show us where your visual processing is, broken down. Then, we will use therapeutic exercises to retrain the eyes' abilities to focus on and process information. 

In a typical vision therapy session, we may help a patient improve their vision using prisms, puzzles, tinted glasses, or patches that strengthen weak eye muscles.

We also give "homework" that allows patients to continue their therapy at home. 

Therapy can last for anywhere from several months to a year. During this time, our patients will slowly begin to improve their information processing skills, boosting quality of life. 

Do you or a loved one suffer from learning problems such as ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia or dyspraxia? If so then we may be able to help you with vision therapy. Contact us to arrange for an evaluation and learn more about our vision therapy services.