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Welcome to The Vision Center, your full-service optometrist. We want you to know how happy we are to serve you for all of your eyecare needs. Once you get to know the impressive listing of optometrist treatments and options we have available, we are confident that you will be ready to schedule appointments to visit our Fort Worth or Lubbock offices. 

From reliable eye exams for you and your family, to treatment for common eye conditions, here we have the skill and experience necessary to make sure you get the most qualified care for your eyes and vision. 

  • Comprehensive Eye and Vision Exams - When you stop in our offices for an exam, you will get a full panel exam that you can rely on to land you with an accurate diagnosis. Visual activity measurements, retinal checks, and color tests are all examples of what our eye exams involve. However, we go even further to check for common eye disease indicators, such as those associated with glaucoma or cataracts, using the latest high-tech equipment available.
  • Dry Eye and Allergy Relief - Suffering with dry eyes due to allergies or other conditions can have a detrimental effect on your visual health. We will work with you to narrow down the source of your dry, irritated eye problems so we can aid you with getting relief.
  • Contact Lens Care - The Vision Center is proud to offer contact lens care and treatment for conditions and visual impairments, as well as glasses or traditional frames.
  • Children's Vision Exams and Therapy - Kids must have regular eye exams to make sure their vision is developing normally and to catch on to abnormalities in the earliest stages. Plus, making sure your child can perform well in school is all about making sure they can see well with glasses if they are needed. Here at this optometrist in Lubbock or Fort Worth, we not only offer traditional pediatric care, but pediatric vision therapy for many childhood eye conditions, such as amblyopia or esotropia.

Check Out Our Full-Service Optic Dispensary

Our on-site optic dispensary has a wide range of frames to choose from, both designer and basic styles for the convenience of our patients. Plus we offer a range of vision accessories and have an on-site repair technician when you need help with broken frames or ill-fitting glasses. From help with picking out your frames after you obtain a prescription from our optometrist to assistance with your child's broken glasses; we are always here to help.

Personable Eye Care 

We know that your vision is important and we will take the extra time to make sure you are comfortable with any treatment you get from us at The Vision Center and help you through any eye care decisions you may have to make. Give us a call today to set up an appointment or just for more information. We are always here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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